Why Participate?

Public engagement is an essential part of developing a regional land use plan, and requires dedicated commitment from the Commission and residents of the region. The Commission wants to hear your perspective on information collected to date and on planning issues that matters most to you.

The Dawson Regional Planning Commission


Our Commitment

We will work with you to ensure your concerns and aspirations are directly reflected in the recommended plan and provide feedback on how input was considered by the Commission.


What We Do With Your Input

We are working hard to let people know about our planning, and we want to hear from as many people as possible.

We promise that all input we receive will be considered fully and fairly by the Commission. Once collected, public input may be summarized and made publicly available in Commission documents (e.g. Commission minutes, summary reports).

We may also share what you told us (in part or whole) on this website, on affiliated websites, or any other Commission documents.

If you would rather we keep your name, comments and/or any other information confidential, please let us know!


What We Hope to Accomplish

  • To fulfill obligations to undertake regional land use planning under Chapter 11 of the THFA in a manner that is respectful and collaborative.
  • To design and implement a meaningful, constructive, and objective-driven process.
  • To provide participants safe in-person and online engagement options recognizing different people have different needs and preferences.
  • To ensure that a diverse range of perspectives have the opportunity to be heard including those who don’t feel invited.
  • To ensure people who live in and use the region have the opportunity to voice their perspectives.
  • To champion the purpose and benefit of regional planning in the Dawson Region.
  • To congregate people to navigate complex issues, consider trade-offs, and help the Commission find a path forward by supporting empathy, capacity and community.
  • To evaluate the Draft Plan’s attempt to balance cultural, economic and environmental values with an eye to our vision: on the land we walk together.  
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