Concepts and Principles


Decisions that impact the future of the Dawson Region are to be guided by the Vision Statement. The future of the region will include a diverse economy, rich cultural legacy, healthy environment, with shared and respectful use of natural resources. It reflects community values and will guide the integrated use and stewardship of land, water, and resources.

2Sustainable Development
3Community Stewardship
4Plan Goals
5Land Designation System

Key Recommendations


A strong focus is put on transportation and access to ensure that access development can occur carefully and responsibly while promoting a healthy regional economy.

3Conservation Priorities
4Culture and Heritage
5Mineral Development and Exploration

Focal Topics

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Introduction to the Draft Dawson Regional Land Use Plan

Parties to the Plan

This planning process comes from Chapter 11 of the Tr'ondëk Hwëch'in Final Agreement, and is made possible by the active involvement of the Parties to this agreement.

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