The Issues

Before we can start planning the region, we need to understand our interests and issues in the region: past, present and expected. To do this, we drafted a report on our understanding of the Region's issues and interests. This report is based on the input from the Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in Government and the Government of Yukon, as well as the public and plan partners from around 2012.

Now we want to hear again from the public and plan partners before we put out a final version of our report!

We encourage you to read our draft report, and perhaps the input we received. However, it is summarized below.

Some concepts:


This term is intended to refer to an ecological, economic or cultural value that is contained in, expressed by, supported by, or inspired by land, water, fish, wildlife, historic and heritage resources in the planning region.


This term is intended to refer to any aspect of the abundance, status or condition of an interest or value about which people have expressed need, desire, concern or fear.

Overall Themes

Sustainable Economy

Key Planning Issues

  • Mineral Exploration and Development
  • Access and Infrastructure
  • Cumulative Effects
  • Community Growth

Summary of Interests

  • Maintain and enhance a mixed economy, including monetary-based and natural economic activities
  • Sustainable use of renewable and non-renewable resources
  • Support ecologically sound exploration and development of mineral deposits and oil/gas resources
  • Support ecologically sound development of hydro, solar and biomass energy resources
  • Protect and manage access to resources for economic development
  • Protect and enhance tourism and recreational experiences including scenic viewscapes
  • Consider/ deliberate new transportation corridors and infrastructure opportunities
  • Consider future community growth areas outside municipal and local area plans
Ecological Integrity, Conservation and Stewardship
Culture and Heritage

Now we want to hear again from the public and plan partners before we put out a final version of our report!

What's next?

After December 6th, we will consider all input from the public and partner organizations before revising and finishing our Issues and Interests Report. However, our upcoming Draft Plan cannot address all the issues in this report. Soon after finalizing the report, we set the direction of our planning work.

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