Public engagement is an essential part of developing a regional land use plan, and requires dedicated commitment from the Commission and residents of the region. The Commission wants to hear your perspective on information collected to date and on planning issues that matters most to you.

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Check out our draft foundational documents below! These will help us to write a Draft Plan for our region. What do you think of them? Tell us by January 6th.

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November, 2019

Do we know what we need to know?

Public engagement on our Vision, Issues and Interest Report, Resource Assessment Report

November, 2019

Spring, 2020

Cumulative Effects Report

We will update our understanding of current and near-future disturbances and their effects.

July, 2020

Draft Plan building

We will use our information, on-going polls and surveys and discussions with plan Parties to write a Draft Plan. Then we will show it off and get your input!

July, 2020

March, 2021

Recommended Plan

Based on feedback on the Draft Plan, we will recommend a plan for the region. This time, the Parties will consult on it.


Final Recommended Plan

If requested by the Parties, we will modify our Recommended Plan, and offer a Final one. The Parties will consult on this one too.


This website...

... is our engagement website. Please come here to get the latest news, and most importantly tell us your thoughts. We also maintain our information-focused website: Check it out for news, minutes, agendas, and to download documents.

Parties to the Plan

This planning process comes from Chapter 11 of the Tr'ondëk Hwëch'in Final Agreement, and is made possible by the active involvement of the Parties to this agreement.

Tr'ondëk Hwëch'in
Yukon Government
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